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Sebastian Vettel Becomes Youngest F1 Triple World Champion

The 2012 Formula 1 season ended with Sebastian Vettel winning his third world championship in a row, to put the icing on the cake for Red Bull Racing, who already won the Constructors' Championship in the previous race itself.
The final race of the 2012 F1 season was filled with uncertainty and drama. There was rain off and on, and teams were scrambling in between for tire changes and making strategic moves. The all-important question was, who out of Sebastian Vettel or Fernando Alonso would be the world champion for 2012.

Alonso needed to be on the podium to have any mathematical chance of the championship, and that he did by coming second, just behind Jenson Button, braving through the occasional rain and safety car laps. But Vettel's sixth place finish meant that he won the world championship by just 3 points in the end. Vettel started the race ahead of Alonso on the grid, but an early spin put him behind the pack of cars on the track. But he clawed his way back to sixth place by the finish, which was just enough for him to win this year's championship. Another surprise that the Brazilian Grand Prix threw up, was Force India's Nico Hulkenberg leading the race for a good portion of it. A mistake, and probably his only one in the race, saw him spin on the track, which gave him a fifth place finish, otherwise he could have well won Force India's first F1 race ever.

Michael Schumacher finished a credible seventh, in the last race of his two decade-long career. Kimi Räikkönen, racing for Lotus-Renault, finished the race in tenth place, giving him third spot in the world championship, which is a fantastic effort in his comeback year. Felipe Massa finished third at Brazil, giving him his first podium finish since 2008.

The 2013 season that starts in March, has a lot of excitement in store, especially with a few drivers changing teams. Lewis Hamilton moves to Mercedes, Sergio Perez moves to McLaren-Mercedes, Nico Hulkenberg moves to Sauber-Ferrari, a few drivers find themselves without a confirmed contract as yet, while a few teams have a vacant spot that needs to be filled. So in the coming months, we can expect some announcements regarding these.

For now, let's congratulate the youngest ever Formula One triple world champion, Red Bull's Sebastian Vettel.

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